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REDCON1 Protein Bar Review – Taste, Nutrition & Overall Experience

The REDCON1 Total War supplement contains only a little quantity of caffeine, yet it delivers a powerful burst of energy. This supplement is best used in the morning or afternoon, as it may interfere with your ability to fall asleep if taken too late.

You’ll have enough energy to get through your whole workout and then some; but, if you use this product late at night, you could have problems sleeping. It’s easy to combine, so you won’t waste half of your supplement because it’s stuck to the edges of your water bottle. Focus, better pumps, stamina, and energy are all guaranteed with this mix of substances.

This brand’s tastes are generally well-liked and will perform nicely. You will notice an improvement in your performance regardless of the activity you choose, whether it’s a sport, weightlifting, wrestling, or fencing. Circulation has improved.

You may put your worries about plateaus aside and hit it hard every time you take a portion of this pre-workout pill. People are flocking to this product because they are experiencing quick effects that are not only visible to them but also to those around them. Read our total battle before workout review to see whether this is the supplement for you.

About Redcon1

Redcon1 MRE Bar

Redcon1 is a relatively young supplement company, but they are gaining traction because to their basic principles and business procedures. Their objective is to provide actual results to everyone from busy parents to qualified sports experts without having to fool them like other businesses.

In today’s supplement market, Aaron Singerman saw something unusual. So many new businesses have emerged, many of which have figured out how to game the system in order to make their product appear amazing and make a quick profit.

Because they were so focused on the traditional methods of doing things, other leaders struggled to catch up. Redcon1 was created out of his desire to do something new. They offer a product to suit your needs, ranging from vitamins to stacks. Give them a shot and you’ll see why so many people swear by this brand.

Redcon1 MRE Bar Review


Redcon1 MRE Bar
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Ingredients Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

In our evaluations, we break down each component to help you understand precisely what it does and how much of it you need to get the job done.

Our top aim is to provide you with accurate supplement information via honest evaluations. The bulk of online “review” sites will try to persuade you to buy a product based on the commissions they earn. That is not the case with us.

We want you to get the greatest vitamins at the cheapest price possible. We prioritise your health and well-being. We encourage you to take just the best supplements you can afford to attain your goals. We accomplish this by being truthful.

Ingredients Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

Redcon1 MRE Bar Ingredients

Whey protein (isolate, concentrate, milk) will make up the majority of the protein in most protein bars. The MRE Bar isn’t one of them. To produce their bars, RedCon1 uses entire food ingredients.

In the bar, you can really see the food. The almonds, oats, and blueberries are all visible. This is incredibly revitalising. Beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice, and pea protein make up their protein combination. A carbohydrate combination of sweet potatoes, yams, fruit, coconut water powder, and MCT Oil is also included. Dextrose and Maltodextrin make up a portion of the carb mix, which is a drawback. The bar contains soy protein, whereas the coating contains whey protein.

Overall, I like how this bar is made up of food sources. Is this enough to set it apart from the competition? Yes, I believe so.

On these, the macros are excellent:

  • Calories: 260
  • Fats: 9g
  • Carbs: 29g
  • Protein: 20g

This bar has a lot of carbohydrates, therefore it’s better for a splurge day if you don’t consume carbs often. Meal replacement equipment (MRE) is a type of food that is used to replace a I don’t consider this a meal replacement because I consume at least 400-500 calories every meal, but if you eat considerably less, I suppose it may be.

The profile as a whole is strong. Powders are less identifiable than whole food sources. RedCon1 deserves a lot of credit.


This pre-workout supplement’s caffeine concentration isn’t nearly as high as some others now on the market. If you pick Total War for your pre-workout needs, you will get 250 grammes of caffeine each serving. This is a reasonable quantity, and most individuals can manage it.

Their recipe does not exclusively rely on caffeine to provide you with an energy boost. This is great since it means you’ll have less caffeine-related adverse effects. It’s worth noting that if you don’t consume caffeine on a regular basis, you might want to scale back your initial amounts until you see how it affects you.


Sugar restriction is quite frequent in today’s diets. You won’t have to worry about adding any sugar to your daily limit if you try this product. This is because it is sweetened with Sucralose, an artificial sweetener.

Sucralose is well-known for a few things. Making pre-workouts, as well as other flavoured supplements like protein powders, too sugary. This has been mentioned in a few different flavours, and we are certain it is linked to the usage of Sucralose. It’s also notorious for leaving a sour aftertaste in your tongue. This has also been observed on a few occasions, and it is most likely due to the sweetener used.

Redcon1 MRE Bar Review


Redcon1 MRE Bar
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The fact that pre-workout vitamins increase circulation is a big reason why they function. Your muscles will be able to function better if you give them more oxygen and nutrients. You’ll recover faster between sets and push yourself to new boundaries by doing more reps and putting on more weight.

Your stamina will also be enhanced. Allowing you to complete your workout and enjoy every minute of it rather than succumbing to weariness at the end. The usage of L-Citrulline is responsible for the enhanced circulation. This substance has repeatedly demonstrated its superiority in ensuring that your muscles work to their maximum capacity.


Because this product does not solely rely on caffeine to provide energy, and in fact has a lower caffeine content than others, you are far less likely to crash. Those who are caffeine sensitive or who have never had caffeinated beverages should start with a lower serving the first few times. This will assist you in avoiding any sort of crash as a result of utilising this product. If you’re not familiar with the term, a crash occurs after the effects of your pre-workout supplement or caffeine tablets wear off, leaving you totally exhausted. This may be okay if you’re going home after the gym for a shower and bed, but if you work out first thing in the morning, it may be disastrous for the rest of your day.


By checking at the supplement details for this brand, it is clear that this product does not include any filler components. We like the lack of proprietary mixes since it’s easy to see what ingredients they’re using and how much of each one they’re using.

Filler ingredients are used by shady businesses to make their product appear to have greater volume or to fool third-party testing into believing they have more nutritional value than they actually do.

They may raise the price and make more money for an inferior product by doing these things. Redcon1 despises this technique just as much as you do, and you don’t have to be concerned about fillers if you rely on them.


The flavour of total battle pre-workout is highly popular. While some tastes are favoured over others, consumers don’t seem to have much of a problem with the taste. Some tastes are quite sweet, and almost all of them leave a lingering aftertaste in your tongue.

This is a fantastic feature when compared to other manufacturers. Some choices have a strong chemical flavour and are difficult to consume more than a couple of times a week. There are a lot different flavours to select from, so even if you don’t like one, there are many more to try. Consumers believe that this isn’t the worst pre-workout on the market, but there is space for improvement.


In terms of texture, these earn a perfect score. It’s obvious you’re not eating a regular protein bar. They’re softer and less chewy than any other I’ve tried. Each bar has an exterior that looks a lot like MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch Bar.

The chocolate covering is accompanied by crisps for additional crunch. All of the wonderful stuff happens on the inside. The genuine food supplies, as you can see, fall directly into your mouth. If you look at the images on our social media channels, you’ll notice that these aren’t your typical protein bars. A solid ten out of ten

Flavors Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

Three to six different pre-workout tastes are generally available. When you decide to play Redcon1 Total War, you may choose from eleven distinct flavour variations. There’s a good chance you’ll find a few you enjoy. Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Grape are among the basic flavours available. There are a few varieties that are less common but more fascinating.

Raspberry Spyder, Blue Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Sour Gummy Bear, Pineapple Juice, Tiger’s Blood, or Aussie Autumn are among the flavours available. This wide range of options should keep you engaged for a long time and make purchasing fresh pre-workouts a pleasure.


To be honest about consistency, we must admit that few reviewers express their thoughts about it. It has been mentioned on a handful of occasions that it leaves a powdery taste in the mouth. A glass of water will typically take care of it.

The actual issue with these supplements is when they don’t entirely dissolve, leaving you with a gritty drink and a portion of your serving clinging to the edges of your water bottle. We don’t think you’ll have too much problem with this because we haven’t noticed any concerns with the product not entirely dissolving.

With all of the positive things mentioned about this choice, we’re confident that if there was a problem with consistency, it would be extensively recorded.


The common view is that this product is extremely effective. You’ll notice the normal pre-workout tingling sensation followed by a wonderful burst of energy as soon as it kicks in. As you get into your gym or home routine, you’ll notice that your attention has improved significantly and your stamina has increased.

If you lift weights, you’ll notice serious pumps and improved performance in almost any exercise. Increased circulation makes it simpler to catch your breath between sets and makes each set more forceful than the last. Your muscular mass will naturally increase as your strength improves.


One scoop or one serving of this product is over thirteen grams. This is a little higher than normal, but not by much. There is just one container size available, which provides around thirty servings. You should think about the potency of this product while planning a month’s supply.

Consumers agree that it’s extremely potent, so you might want to start with a few smaller portions at first. This ensures that one container will survive for a month before needing to be replaced. If you’re currently taking really strong pre-workout supplements, you could feel a little intimidated if you use it every day and take the entire serving amount.

Redcon1 MRE Bar Review


Redcon1 MRE Bar
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Side Effects Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

You may get Paresthesia if you use a pre-workout that includes Beta-Alanine. This is the tingling feeling in your feet, hands, arms, legs, chest, and face that you first notice. While there have been no complaints of it, this product does contain caffeine, which means you might have jitters, headaches, or stomach trouble.

This is especially true if you have a caffeine sensitivity. There haven’t been any complaints of increased anxiety or heart rate, but these are side effects that are typical with these sorts of drugs and should be avoided until you know how they’ll impact you.

Advantages Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

The main benefit is, of course, how effectively this product works and how fast you will see improvements in both your performance and your appearance. Maintaining your attentiveness throughout your training is effortless thanks to the tremendous energy boost and focus.

Reduced tiredness can help you get faster results by allowing you to go stronger and longer. Add in the wide range of flavour possibilities, and you’re almost certain to discover one that you enjoy and even look forward to on the days you decide to incorporate it into your daily routine. Although this is a new brand, its popularity has skyrocketed as a result of the proof offered by this product.

Disadvantages Of Redcon1 Protein Bar

Some may argue that the fact that this brand hasn’t been around for very long is a drawback, but we absolutely disagree. They are open about producing excellent goods, and their products demonstrate that they are great by delivering outcomes.

The excessively sweet flavour of certain choices, as well as the unpleasant aftertaste of nearly all of them, is a minor drawback. While there haven’t been many documented adverse effects with this supplement, that doesn’t mean they won’t happen to some of you, and not knowing is certainly a disadvantage. These are the only things we can think of that may be considered a drawback.


This brand was created in response to poor quality in goods that truly needed to be top-notch. There are few better in terms of quality. They only utilise the greatest and most trusted substances to guarantee you receive the pre-workout effects you want and exercise outcomes that exceed your expectations.

We are confident that you will be pleased with the taste quality and delighted with how well and swiftly it works. We’re excited to see what more Redcon1 has to offer as their firm continues to expand and change the supplement industry.


This item is slightly more costly than others in the same category. Almost everyone who is already using a pre-workout supplement will have no trouble affording the expense of a monthly supply. However, price is only one aspect of overall value. When considering the worth, we must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks, as well as other factors.

Overall, we believe this product offers exceptional value, and we are confident that if you decide to give it a try, you will agree. Consumers have made a permanent transition to this brand’s product, and you could do the same after just one day.

Key Features

  • 250 Milligrams Caffeine/Serving
  • Does Not Contain Creatine
  • Absolutely No Fillers
  • Transparent Labeling

Other Information

Other bars, according to the manufacturer, offer 15 to 20 grammes of protein per serving, which can undermine your diet. The sugar content of Redcon1 MRE Bar is kept to a reasonable six grammes per 67-gram bar serving. Fructose (from fruit sources such dried blueberries and goji berries), sucralose, and sugar alcohols all contribute to this.

When fructose is obtained from table sugar (sucrose) or high-fructose corn syrup, it becomes suspect. Excessive intake of these sources might cause adverse effects including elevated blood sugar and diarrhea. Unfortunately, the Redcon1 MRE Bar contains simple table sugar, which you should never see in a bodybuilding product. Sucralose, an artificial sweetener with a number of negative side effects, is also present. If you ask us, that’s a bit of a double whammy.

“A healthy ratio of 29 (grams) of carbs to 20 (grams) of protein is balanced with nine (grams) of fats,” according to the Redcon1 MRE Bar. According to the manufacturer’s official website, “these macro counts are excellent to feed your activity without a dramatic insulin rise and perform at your best.”

Let’s have a look at this. A serving of 29 grammes of carbohydrates provides 11% of the daily requirement for this macronutrient. This is a little sum of money. It can still help with a low-carb diet, but not as much as MuscleTech Gronk Signature Protein Candy Bar, for example.

The majority of the ingredients in Redcon1 MRE Bar’s Carbohydrate Blend are outstanding. Dehydrated yam, dehydrated sweet potato, pea starch, coconut water powder, dehydrated blueberries, and dehydrated goji berries? What actual food bar can provide you that? These are superfoods that provide a slew of health advantages to your body. To say the least, we adore them.

Dextrose and maltodextrin were also added in the Carbohydrate Blend by the producer. The former is a fast-acting simple carbohydrate that is produced as a by-product of rice, wheat, or corn. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is a by-product of rice, potato, or corn starch. It has a high glycemic index, which means it absorbs quickly and causes an insulin spike.

To cut a long storey short, these two carbohydrate sources aid in increasing energy levels. Other health-promoting ingredients are included in the Redcon1 MRE Bar. Here are a few that stood out to us the most:

Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

These aid in increasing fibre intake, lowering cholesterol, promoting regular bowel movements, and improving cardiovascular health.

Mct Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of saturated fatty acid that aids in fat loss and energy, as well as clearing brain fog, regulating digestion, improving mood, and controlling bacterial activity. It’s the ideal source of healthy fats for anyone following the Keto Diet. If you’re concerned about the nine grammes of fat per serving in Redcon1 MRE Bars, don’t be: MCT oil’s benefits should assuage your fears.


A spice that aids in the prevention of free radicals and inflammation, as well as improving heart and dental health, blood sugar regulation, and cognitive function.

Chicory Root Fibre

An herbal ingredient that reduces stress, fights inflammation, improves liver and gut function, and controls blood sugar levels.


This is a pigment found in plants and fruits that acts as a precursor to vitamin A. Beta-carotene aids in the prevention of free radicals, the improvement of heart health, and the enhancement of cognitive function.

We like the rest of the Redcon1 MRE Bar (except for the sugar and sucralose): you’ll get a variety of real food sources that should help you improve your health.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in the formula:

Calories, 260

The majority of protein bars have between 230 and 250 calories per serving. A real food bar, the Redcon1 MRE Bar, has 260 calories per bar, which isn’t far off the industry average.

Total Fat, 9 G

The fat content of the Redcon1 MRE Bar is 12 percent of the daily value, which is a modest level. This isn’t that awful when you realise that certain protein bars (like MuscleTech Gronk Signature Protein Candy Bar) have 20% of the daily fat requirement.

Saturated Fat, 5 G

This amounts to 25% of the daily requirement for saturated fats, which is a significant amount. But don’t worry: most of these come from the MCT oil component in Redcon1 MRE Bars, which is a type of healthy saturated fat that helps with energy and weight reduction. Despite this, the American Heart Association advises the general population to consume less saturated fat in order to improve long-term cardiovascular health.

Monounsaturated Fat, 3 G

Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) are a key component of the Mediterranean Diet, a diet aimed at improving heart health. MUFAs assist enhance cardiovascular function by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). Three grammes of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) per serving should enough.

Polyunsaturated Fat, 1 G

“Polyunsaturated fats can help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by lowering harmful cholesterol levels in your blood. According to the American Heart Association’s official website, “they also supply nutrients to help grow and maintain your body’s cells.” The one gramme of polyunsaturated fats per serving in Redcon1 MRE Bars should enough.

Trans Fat, 0 G

Trans fats have the opposite effect as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats: they raise bad cholesterol (LDL) while lowering good cholesterol (HDL). This is not a good situation. It’s a good thing Redcon1 MRE Bar contains no trans fats.

Cholesterol, 40 Mg

The cholesterol level of this food is borderline high, at 13% of the recommended value. If you’re watching your cholesterol levels, choose a protein bar with less cholesterol.

Sodium, 300 Mg

The salt level of the Redcon1 MRE Bar is likewise borderline high, at 13% of the daily requirement. If you’re watching your salt consumption, you should use this product sparingly.
29 g total carbohydrate: The carb level of the Redcon1 MRE Bar is moderate, at 11 percent of the daily value. This may be found in yam, sweet potato, pea starch, blueberries, and goji berries, among other things. We wish the maker had left out the ordinary table sugar, which is just empty calories.

Dietary Fibre, 3 G

At 11% of the daily value, this product has a moderate fibre content. Its gluten-free rolled oats component, which helps control cholesterol levels and encourage regular bowel movement, is a major contribution.

Sugar, 6 G (Includes Added Sugar, 5 G)

The sugar level of the Redcon1 MRE Bar is moderate, at 10% of the daily intake. We didn’t like the addition of ordinary table sugar and sucralose because they have certain negative consequences. Fructose is produced by the fruit components of this product (blueberries, goji berries, and so on).

Protein, 20 G

Meet the real food bar, which includes beef protein isolate, salmon, poultry, eggs, brown rice, and peas as well as other genuine protein sources. As previously said, this is a homage to the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. A meal of 20 grammes of protein provides 40% of the recommended requirement, which is a good amount.

0.1 Mg Vitamin D

The vitamin D content of the Redcon1 MRE Bar is zero.

Calcium, 290 Mg

At 20% of the recommended requirement, the Redcon1 MRE Bar is a good source of calcium. This mineral aids in the strengthening of bones, the regulation of blood pressure, the improvement of heart health, and the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Iron, 0.6 Mg

With only 4% of the daily value of iron, this product is not a substantial supplier of iron.

Potassium, 90 Mg

At just 2% of the daily requirement, the Redcon1 MRE Bar is not a major source of potassium.

Redcon1 MRE Bar Review


Redcon1 MRE Bar
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Formula Analysis

There’s hope if you’re weary of seeing protein bars loaded with artificial food colorings, artificial sweeteners, and other nonsense. Many protein bars, such as Quest Bar, go above and beyond. Did Redcon1 MRE Bar outperform our expectations? It did, despite the fact that it isn’t flawless.

If you’ve been eating protein bars for a while, you already know they’re a terrific method to build muscle, fill nutritional gaps, and fulfil your daily protein needs. What are the possibilities that you’ve been eating a protein bar that contains genuine real food ingredients? We don’t think it’s too high. The call is answered by Redcon1 MRE Bar.

The Protein Blend in this product (which has 20 grammes of protein every 67-gram serving) is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Taking a bite out of a genuine food fare made with beef protein isolate, salmon, chicken, and egg is like taking a journey down Memory Lane – specifically, the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. These were popular among bodybuilders at the time. The final result was jaw-dropping muscle that blasted the competitors out of the water. Redcon1 MRE Bar can help you reach that objective as well.

The majority of the Carbohydrate Blend’s components are also favourites of ours. Consider it a huge plus if you can locate these superfoods in a genuine food bar. We’re certain that these will help you maintain your long-term health.

As previously stated, gluten-free rolled oats, MCT oil, cinnamon, chicory root fiber, and beta-carotene are all excellent choices. Improved cholesterol levels, improved heart health, greater energy levels and antioxidant protection, less stress, and improved cognitive function are just a few of the benefits to expect.

It’s apparent that the Redcon1 MRE Bar has a lot going for it. Making this product a part of your nutrition plan will go a long way if you find it difficult to consume actual superfoods (which can be a challenge in and of itself).

Redcon1 MRE Bar is also a good source of calcium, providing 20% of the daily requirement. Remember that this mineral aids in the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure, strong bones, improved cardiovascular function, and a healthy body weight.

In terms of openness, the manufacturer also excels: it breaks out all of the component quantities. This is good news for customers. You did an excellent job.

This product has also received positive feedback from customers. They can’t get enough of it, despite the fact that it’s packed with actual food. We are completely in agreement. It’s one of the most delicious bars you’ll ever come upon.

Although the Redcon1 MRE Bar is a fantastic product, it does have a few flaws. To begin with, it contains modest quantities of fat (12 percent of daily value), cholesterol (13 percent of daily value), and salt. While these aren’t worrisome (moderate sodium levels assist restore depleted electrolyte reserves after intense exercise), the manufacturer might have toned it down a notch.

It may raise a few eyebrows when it comes to the 25% recommended requirement for saturated fats. However, keep in mind that Redcon1 MRE Bar contains MCT oil, a healthy type of saturated fatty acid that aids in fat burning and energy production. If you’re following a ketogenic diet (in which you eat healthy fats 75% of the time), this is fantastic news. If you aren’t, you should try to consume this product in moderation.

In the Redcon1 MRE Bar, we also found a few fillers. Sugar (regular table sugar) was discovered, which is nothing more than empty calories. Sucralose, an artificial sweetener linked to obesity, was also discovered. Stevia, a natural sugar substitute that helps control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, would have been a better choice.

The Redcon1 MRE Bar is both a high-quality product and a work in progress. Only a few bodybuilding bars claim to serve real food. In that regard, this product is a cut above the rest. While it has some flaws, it can still help you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.


When looking for a great pre-workout, it’s sometimes better to go with the lesser-known varieties. While we understand that switching can be frightening, we have done our research and are confident that you will not be disappointed with your decision.

The wide range of flavours will keep things interesting, and you’re sure to find a few that you enjoy. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, you will receive real results in a timely manner. Putting your faith in a new business will not only help them succeed, but it will also help you achieve your overall fitness and health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Takes It?

Redcon1 MRE Bar is designed for healthy and active people who want to supplement their diet, meet their daily macronutrient requirements, improve their overall health, and meet their daily fitness goals.

Any Side Effects?

Saturated fats account for 25% of the daily value in the Redcon1 MRE Bar. This is a significant amount that may have long-term implications for cardiovascular health.

Sugar and sucralose, two sweeteners linked to obesity and other side effects, are also present in this product. If any of these ingredients, or any other ingredient, makes you nervous, talk to your doctor before purchasing Redcon1 MRE Bar.

Redcon1 MRE Bar

$2.49 Per Bar










  • Decent Flavor
  • Added Fiber
  • Top-Quality Ingredients
  • Speeds Up Recovery Times
  • Helps Muscle Growth


  • May Disrupt Sleep

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