Redcon1 Big Noise

Redcon1 Big Noise Review: The Best Pre-Workout Muscle Builder

Every week, pre-workout supplements are released into the market with new formulations, new branding, new celebrity endorsements, and most importantly, more of the same lack of tangibly beneficial effects.

However, the fact that Big Noise advertises itself as a pre-workout supplement that does not include stimulants is what led us to investigate it. That doesn’t happen very often; we haven’t come across very many of these that have been successful.

As a result, I collaborated with some of my clients and my dietician to investigate the product’s components and conduct quality assurance testing. The following is the information that we have gathered on Redcon1 Big Noise.

Redcon1 Big Noise

What Is Big Noise Pump?

The primary objective of the pre-workout pill known as Big Noise Pump is to produce the most intense muscle pumps possible. It is designed to increase nitric oxide production and decrease the likelihood of early exhaustion, allowing you to complete a few more repetitions throughout your training session.

It seems to rely on a few different substances that we often don’t see together, which is unusual for a product that does not contain stimulants. In addition, it appears that the formulation has not altered at all since the product was first introduced in the year 2020. It is a powder that, when combined with cold water and consumed around twenty minutes before beginning your warmup programme, is included in the package.

Redcon1 Big Noise Review


Redcon1 Big Noise
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Benefits Of Big Noise Pump

The fact that the manufacturer of Redcon1 Big Noise has opted not to rely on stimulants such as coffee is the product’s primary selling point. Because the majority of comparable goods that we looked at are not designed to be used for training later in the day, the availability of such an alternative is beneficial.

In addition to this, it has been discovered to have a little amount of L-theanine, which has been demonstrated to increase brain function as well as focus. On a path toward better health and fitness, that is never a negative development.

The usage of betaine, on the other hand, appears to aid with some forms of energy increases that do not come with the tingling sensation that may be brought on by beta-alanine.

Does Big Noise Pump Have Downsides?

The efficacy and flavour of Big Noise Pump are overstated, which is one of the product’s few drawbacks.

The most important thing that we discovered was that a single serving size did not significantly increase the synthesis of nitric oxide for large muscular pumps. There was an improvement, to be sure, but it wasn’t quite as significant as one might have hoped for a pump device.

Another problem was that the varieties, such as strawberry kiwi and rainbow candy, had a sugary and artificial taste to them. This is mostly due to the usage of artificial flavours and sweeteners, both of which have the potential to make one’s stomach uncomfortable.

Big Noise Pump Ingredients

These are the primary components, and our nutritionist conducted study on each one of them.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous, which is included in the mix, is said to boost muscular endurance, at least according to the official marketing brochures. But none of the research that we could locate pointed to improvements in muscular performance as a perk.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

There is some evidence to suggest that taking carnitine supplements may benefit brain health, and these days, carnitine supplements are becoming increasingly widespread in the supplement market. It was pointed out by my nutritionist that 500 mg could be a bit low to make a major effect in the situation.


This is a branded form of glucosyl-hesperidin, and according to the manufacturer, it increases nitric oxide levels, which in turn widens your blood vessels. Although it is one of the primary components that will provide you with pumps, we were unable to locate proof that definitively supports this assertion.

Choline Bitartrate

According to the product description, we have encountered choline in supplements for weight reduction, but the inclusion of choline in this product is for the purpose of improving circulation. Although there is some evidence to support this, I find that training with citrulline results in far better pumps.


This might be a beneficial component for improving cognitive function and concentration. It’s the type of ingredient you’d find in nootropics, and having that kind of focus may also make it easier for you to maintain your motivation throughout fitness routines.

Redcon1 Big Noise Supplement Facts


A couple of the publications that we looked at suggested that this extract might assist improve muscular endurance and strength. If you’re looking for a non-stimulant pre-workout solution since you don’t want coffee to have the same impact, this might be a suitable choice.

Taurine (100 mg)

This is another another reason why this pill contains a high amount of stimulants. Products like Redbull and Monster, which are considered to be energy drinks, often contain taurine. It is difficult to determine how well it works because you are receiving such a significant increase of caffeine, despite the fact that it is maybe one of the most fascinating substances.

Vitamin B12 (100 mcg)

And finally, there is some vitamin B12, which should assist in maintaining a healthy level of red blood cells in your body. This, in turn, ought to supply the muscles with an increased amount of energy and oxygen. However, the promise that it has “eternal endurance” that DAS Labs makes about it does not seem to convince me at all.

Where Can You Buy It?

Big Noise is available for purchase on the website Amazon is often the most reliable source when it comes to avoiding purchasing a counterfeit version of any product, including pump products and other dietary supplements.

Redcon1 Big Noise Review


Redcon1 Big Noise
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Big Noise is a nootropic supplement that was developed to aid improve pumps and concentration without the usage of stimulants. And judging on the recipe as well as our previous experience, I would say that it performs a serviceable job. When utilising these bodybuilding supplements, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any adverse effects at all. However, you should always be sure to keep to the portion size that is indicated.

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